About us
Almaty Region Development Center provides comprehensive support for the development of the region's socio-economic potential by creating favorable conditions for investments, innovations, and improving the quality of life for the population. The Center's team comprises professionals with many years of experience in various fields, including economics, investments, technology, and social development. We are committed to continuously improving and enhancing our services to achieve the best results for the Almaty region and its residents.
Our mission
We contribute to the socio-economic progress of Almaty region by attracting investments and providing comprehensive project support for sustainable business growth of Investors and improving the quality of life of the Population.
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    Alatau Invest is a leading expert in investor advisory services and a professional team with a high business reputation.

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    We relentlessly study the world's best practices and technologies in order to be the best in our field and achieve maximum results for investors.

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    Through our business services and active participation in social and economic projects, we improve the quality of life of the population and help our employees achieve their goals.

Key values
  • Leadership
    Inspire and guide the team to higher achievement. See opportunities where others see obstacles. Create an atmosphere of continuous growth and development. Encourage creative thinking and initiative.
  • Innovation
    Systemic benchmarking to implement global best practices, solutions and technologies. Think uniquely, create trends, apply innovations to achieve goals.
  • Partnership
    Trust, openness and honesty. Understanding and ability to put the interests of partners first, striving to ensure that their needs and expectations are met.
  • Synergy
    Discipline and order. Mutual respect and trust. Responsibility and understanding of each employee's contribution to the overall performance. Developing oneself beyond what is customary. Provide support and resources to achieve common goals.
Almaty city
Al-Farabi avenue 19, Nurly-Tau BC, building 3B, 3rd floor, office 301
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