April 19, 2024
Almaty region
Almaty region is a key region of Kazakhstan with huge potential for the successful implementation of investment projects. One of the important factors contributing to this is its strategic geographical location. Located in the very center of Eurasia, the region has the status of a key transport and economic center.

The region is experiencing stable economic growth through various sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and industry.

Active government support measures, such as benefits, tax preferences and infrastructure support, also help strengthen the investment attractiveness of the Almaty region.
April 18, 2024
Agricultural sector
State Support in Kazakhstan's Agro-Industrial Complex: Measures and Opportunities

It is important to understand that the development of agriculture is one of the key factors for sustainable economic growth. In Kazakhstan, the government actively supports entrepreneurs in this area by providing a range of support measures.

State support measures include:

• Tax incentives: for entities in the agro-industrial complex, allowing them to reduce the tax burden and reinvest funds into business development.
• Subsidies: providing partial reimbursement of expenses for investment projects, stimulating investment growth in the sector.
• Preferential lending: for conducting spring-field and harvesting works, helping enterprises cope with seasonal financial difficulties.

To implement these measures, the government utilizes the following organizations:

• "Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC: provides preferential financing through various channels such as direct lending, credit partnerships, and microfinance organizations.
• "KazAgroFinance" JSC: specializes in leasing agricultural machinery and financing entities of the agro-industrial complex.

These companies are represented in all regions of Kazakhstan, providing access to support for agricultural entrepreneurs across the country.
April 17, 2024
Meeting with Center staff
The Almaty region is an investment-attractive region of Kazakhstan. Among its key features are its strategic geographical location and well-developed infrastructure. Industrial and special economic zones are actively being developed here, providing investors with ample opportunities to implement projects with government support.
Experts at the Regional Development Center of Almaty Region are ready to assist investors at all stages of project implementation. For detailed consultation, individuals can reach out via email at info@almreg.kz.
Preparation for a meeting with the RDCAO involves developing a high-quality project presentation, which should include the following elements:
• Brief project description.
• Information about the required land area.
• Data on necessary engineering networks, considering all infrastructure works within the scope of government support.
• Investment amount with sources of financing specified.
• Number of jobs to be created.
After the project presentation and determination of its implementation location by the Center's specialists, necessary algorithms will be provided depending on the participant's status - whether in a special economic zone or industrial zone.

Our goal is your success!
April 16, 2024
IZ algorithm
Industrial zones are an important tool for stimulating economic growth and are an example of successful interaction between the government, business, and society. When implementing investment projects in these zones, various measures of state support are provided, including the allocation of land plots, creation of engineering infrastructure, and construction of roads. Industrial zones in the Almaty region not only play a strategic role in economic development but also symbolize a modern approach to attracting investments and creating a favorable industrial environment.

The procedure for obtaining the status of a participant in industrial zones consists of the following stages:

I. Submission of a document package to the Managing Company:
- Applicant's questionnaire in the form approved by the authorized body;
- Certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the legal entity;
- Copy of the document certifying the identity of the applicant's first manager;
- Copy of the statute of the legal entity;
- Copy of the financial statements as of the last reporting date, signed by the applicant's first manager or the person substituting for him/her, as well as the chief accountant;
- Techno-economic justification of the project meeting the requirements established by the authorized body;
- Statement from the servicing bank on the movement of funds in the applicant's bank accounts and a credit report from the credit bureau;
- Certificate from the state revenue authority at the place of registration accounting on the presence or absence of tax and other obligatory payments arrears to the budget.

In case the legal entity at the time of document submission is not a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is not registered as a taxpayer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a copy of the certificate of absence of state registration as a taxpayer in the state revenue authorities is submitted.

Foreign legal entities provide the following legalized documents:
1) Certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the legal entity;
2) Copy of the charter of a legal entity;
3) Legalized extract from the trade register or other legalized document certifying that the foreign legal entity is a legal entity under the legislation of the foreign state, with a notarized translation into Kazakh and Russian languages.

II. Conducting a completeness check of the submitted documents by the Managing Company.

III. Obtaining a positive decision of the Regional Coordination Council for the admission of the investor to the industrial zone.

IV. Conclusion of a contract for the implementation of activities as a participant in the industrial zone.

V. Conclusion of a secondary land use agreement (sublease) between the participant and the Managing Company.
April 15, 2024
SEZ algorithm
The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the Almaty region offers unique opportunities for both local and foreign investors. On a vast territory of over 96 thousand hectares, SEZ participants have access to tax incentives and preferences, making it an ideal place for implementing investment projects.
What is required to obtain SEZ participant status?
The application procedure involves the following steps:
  1. Preparation of the application:

• Submission of necessary documents to the managing company:
• Applicant's questionnaire (form of the authorized body);
• Copy of the charter of a legal entity;
• Copy of the decision of the highest body of the legal entity regarding activities in the SEZ;
• Certificate of state registration of the legal entity;
• Copy of the identity document of the first director;
• Copy of the financial statements for the last financial year;
• Feasibility study of the project meeting the requirements set by the authorized body;
• Bank statement and credit report from the credit bureau;
• Certificate of absence of debt to the state revenue authorities;
• Confirmation of project financial support;
• Sketch project of the territory (for construction-related projects);
• Copy of the certificate of absence of state registration as a taxpayer (for non-residents).

II. For foreign legal entities:
• Submission of legalized documents with a notarized translation into Kazakh and Russian languages.
III. Signing the contract:
The SEZ managing company signs a contract for conducting activities within 10 business days if the full set of documents is provided. Registration certificate is issued within 5 business days after submitting the contract to the managing company.
May 16, 2024
Investment boom and tourist attractiveness: Almaty region interests global giants
The Almaty region is becoming a magnet for transnational companies and tourists, demonstrating impressive investment growth and the development of the tourism industry.
Today, large projects of several transnational companies are being implemented in the region, including global giants such as PepsiCo, KT&G, TechnoNicol, and many others.
These companies have invested over $500 million in the region's development.
At the same time, the Almaty region has seen a significant growth in financial indicators, with one of the main drivers of economic development being the manufacturing industry, which accounts for over 90% of the total industrial output and is the highest indicator in the country.
Two-thirds of the volume is accounted for by the production of food products, beverages, and tobacco products.
100% of the country's tobacco products, 80% of vegetable juices, 60% of beverages and ice cream, 80% of gypsum board, 57% of wine, 43% of sandwich panels, 25% of steel pipes and profiles are produced in the Almaty region.
Great attention is also paid to the development of other sectors of the economy, for example, in 2023, the region was visited by more than 1.5 million tourists, indicating high tourist potential.
Also, the volume of investments attracted in tourism development has increased by 33% and amounted to 60 billion tenge.
This year, the largest tungsten ore deep processing plant in Kazakhstan is being launched in the region, which will further strengthen the industrial potential of the region.
The investment attractiveness of the Almaty region has significantly increased. In 2023, the region's economy received $1.6 billion in investments, which is 10.7% more than last year. Private investments grew by 14.7%, while foreign direct investments increased by almost 30%, reaching $880.2 million. Half of them are directed to the manufacturing industry.
May 16, 2024
The rapid growth of SMEs in the Almaty region
As of the end of the first quarter of the current year, over 135 thousand SMEs are registered and operating in the Almaty region. Compared to the previous year, the number of active enterprises has increased by 10.4%. This growth indicates a favorable business environment supported by state programs and active entrepreneurial activity in the region.

The government of the Almaty region attaches special importance to supporting small and medium-sized businesses. In the current year, $8.2 million has been allocated from the local budget for this purpose. As part of providing state support, in the first three months of the current year, 165 projects received support totaling $56 million at a subsidized rate of 7%. Additionally, assistance was provided to 43 projects totaling $34 million through loan guarantees and financial leasing. At the same time, it is worth noting that the regional government is currently considering the possibility of allocating funds to subsidize interest rates.

The development of small and medium-sized businesses plays a key role in stimulating economic growth and social development in the region. The measures of state support provided not only contribute to creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurial activity but also lead to concrete practical results, improving economic indicators and the quality of life for citizens.

For example, by the end of 2023, around 245 thousand local residents found employment in the small and medium-sized business sector, and the total production volume in this sector exceeded $8.2 billion. Last year, small and medium-sized enterprises made a significant contribution to the formation of the regional GDP, accounting for up to 46% of its total volume. Additionally, tax revenues and payments from entrepreneurs in the SME sector amounted to $165 million.

June 6, 2024
Annual conference B2C InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024
As part of our media partnership with Bosco Conference, we invite you to attend the highly anticipated annual B2C InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024 conference, which will take place on June 27 and will bring together industry leaders, professionals and experts to explore a variety of business topics.

With the global landscape constantly changing, businesses need to stay current and adapt effectively to change. The InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2024 Conference offers participants a unique opportunity to gain valuable information, learn from industry experts and discover innovative solutions to overcome the complexities of today's business environment.

Date: June 27
Venue: InterContinental Almaty.

Conference format:
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* Conference + Exhibition (networking)
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* Working language: English, Russian.

The conference will bring together more than 200+ delegates from 20 countries, representatives of top management, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate services resellers, private investors, tax and financial advisors, wealth management professionals, trust and fiduciary service providers, lawyers, bankers, HNWIs . The conference always involves representatives of large and medium-sized trading and commercial companies, banks, asset management companies, lawyers, auditors, consulting companies, investor companies, and international tax consultants.

Main conference topics: relocation, business consulting, international law, asset management, taxation, banking, citizenship by investment programs, company formation, real estate, asset management, fintech and blockchain.

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